Middle School

Middle school

New Middle School Accelerated Learning Track Help Incoming Middle Schoolers Develop Biliteracy by 8th Grade

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, HWIS is launching a new Middle School track, “Accelerated Learning Track”, designed to support incoming 6th grade students with limited prior exposure to Mandarin or Spanish the opportunity to develop biliteracy by 8th grade.

In this dual language immersion track students will:


  • Work towards a Global seal of biliteracy in either Mandarin or Spanish and English with the support of a dedicated middle school humanities teacher for this track in the target language
  • Learn alongside current immersion students for math, science and English language arts taught in English
  • Learn in small flexible groups enabling students to progress beyond grade level standards in math and language arts
  • Travel internationally on spring break to participate in meaningful service-learning projects during the middle school years
  • Have access to a guidance counselor to support 9th grade ex-missions to top -tier independent schools
  • Pursue individual interests supported through a choice of electives, Genius Hour, and after school clubs.

Immersion has been shown to be the most effective approach to achieving biliteracy.

Students entering this track will receive instruction in the second language for 40% of the day, and in English for 60% of the day. 


HWIS, a leader in immersion for over 15 years, prides itself in its reputation for developing academically strong students who surpass independent school norms on the ERB assessments and who get accepted to top tier independent schools in NJ and NY.

A special financial scholarship program is offered for students in the first incoming class. Awards based on financial need and merit can support between 30-80% of the full tuition and can be renewed each year until graduation in 8th grade.

Parents and students interested in learning more are invited to attend a special information session that will detail the program model, curriculum and support for this new track on February 13 from 6-7pm and March 7 from 1-2pm at the Stirling campus.



Middle School Overview


The HWIS middle school offers an integrated, student-centered, interactive, and engaging program that empowers students to develop agency in their learning. Building on the foundations developed in elementary school, HWIS middle school students engage in a rigorous academic program aimed to develop bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural global citizens.


HWIS’ academic program is a holistic program designed to promote students’ intellectual development as well as their emotional, social and physical development. Students deepen their learning through challenging standards-aligned courses designed to develop the academic knowledge and skills crucial of success for the rigors of high school.


Our project-based and inquiry approach to teaching and learning provide students with occasions to develop their skills in research, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, self-management, and creativity to construct meaning and demonstrate their disciplinary competencies.


Students are challenged to make connections across content areas and apply their learning to develop solutions to real-world problems. Service Learning is emphasized throughout the program as students have opportunities to apply their classroom learning to serve the communities in which they live.


Middle School Curriculum


HudsonWay Immersion School middle school students in Grades 6 -8 take the following courses:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mandarin or Spanish Language Arts
  • Humanities
  • Sciences: Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts: Visual Arts and Music
  • Physical and Health education